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We are a physician-owned insurance brokerage specializing in professional liability insurance solutions for healthcare providers. We work directly with a wide variety of robust carriers to offer a full range of solutions for large and small healthcare practices.

We strive to educate and truly collaborate with our clients and pride ourselves in the trust our clients place in us. As physicians, our mission is to represent and advocate for the interests of our physician clients.

In recent years, the malpractice insurance industry nationwide has experienced a significant reduction in frequency of claims. Established insurance companies have reduced premiums and many new companies have entered the market. In this environment, we continue to challenge the status quo and help our clients save thousands in insurance costs.  At the same time, we consistently monitor any indications of volatility or market trends that may affect our physician clients.  This analysis is part of the exceptional representation that our clients can expect year after year.

This chart is a real example of a private practice primary care group that we represent and the savings they have experienced in the years they have worked with us. Compare us to your current broker!

Insurance Premium ($) by Policy Year

  • Annual Premium ($)

why use a broker?


An insurance policy is a legal contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. We advocate for our clients to represent their best interests in this agreement.

Market Knowledge

Representing hundreds of clients with multiple insurance companies gives us comprehensive information on how each carrier handles each scenario. Let us share these insights to ensure you are getting the strongest coverage at the lowest price.

Reduced Cost

Insurance companies choose to use a broker distribution channel based on cost-effectiveness. It does not cost our clients more to use our broker services and our insights and aggressive representation mean our clients pay consistently less than their colleagues.

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The Flagship Healthcare Vision

As the rapidly changing healthcare industry has increasingly driven physicians to join hospitals, health systems or large groups, Flagship Healthcare maintains belief in the irreplaceable role of private practice medicine. We believe that independent practices are the cornerstone of the American health system and the key to fulfilling positive physician-patient relationships. We also believe that private practice gives physicians a sustainable career and strengthens the industry as a whole. Because of those beliefs, Flagship Healthcare exists to serve and advocate for independent physicians and practices.

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